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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Q: Your office appears to concentrate on software development projects now. Are you also involved in non-software projects?
A: Due to the computational physics background of most of our activities in the 1980s and 1990s, the focus of our work gradually shifted to projects in the software industry. After starting out with the current development office in 2005, we decided, therefore, to focus our main attention on engineering and physics related software projects. Participation in other industries is possible but will not be mentioned in these software-related pages.

Q: Does this imply that your work on the former "Diffusion Problems in the Presence of Cracks" project has been discontinued?
A: No, quite to the contrary. Work in this and some other projects has been ongoing ever since. This now being a project aimed at industrial applications, we have currently no intention publishing anything beyond the original advertisement-like overviews of the 1990s.

Q: On your website you mentioned the textile industry. Are you in any way involved in this industry?
A: Not directly. In former centuries, however, some of my maternal ancestors founded several companies in that sector. Due to this background, I was always keen to participate in textile-industry related projects.

Q: Is your office acting worldwide?
A: We are glad to serve prospective customers from West European countries, Israel and North America. Inquiries from other countries or from outside the civilian sector will not be processed, however, see our "Notes on Geography" section for additional detail.

Q: When will the next issue of your online journal be published?
A: Due to current project work, only those paying for the journal will be served immediately. Older issues will be uploaded occasionally, simply visit our web site to see if a new free issue is available.

Q: What's your opinion on atheism and the Christian faith?
A: Not accepting any politically motivated ideology or theory, I am completely disapproving of atheism and any of its theses. Instead I am a proponent of a church-based Christian worldview. To those interested in better getting acquainted with the Christian faith I am recommending participation in an alpha course. In many cities, alpha courses are being offered on a regular basis by local churches or Christian organizations like, for example, the YMCA. For those readers interested in this topic, I decided to collect some links on this topic on the following page: » Link zu alpha courses in Munich

Q: Are you, therefore, believing and sharing the arguments of the creationists?
A: The ideas put forward by the so-called creationists are lacking scientific rigor and cannot, therefore, be followed. Believing in God as the creator is not equivalent to the acceptance of arguments taken out of Biblical context. It is well known that the book of Genesis was written and often redigated at a time well after the stories written therein happened.
Q: Which person or event had the most influence on your Christian faith and which recommendation can you give to those wishing to visit or participate in a Christian group or church?
A: The first part of your question is too private to answer on this public page. For the second part I would strongly recommend to be careful never to disclose any pieces of private information while attending a service or otherwise visiting any so-called Christian organization. Church members and visitors to Christian events are just ordinary people like everybody else. Why would any reasonably minded person trust another person? Special care should be taken in not being too familiar with pastors, church leaders and other church employees for it is those who are regularly taking notes on their conversations with others to come back to a previous conversation should they talk to the same person again. Who guarantees the info they get is kept confidential instead of being exploited one way or the other, possibly for the financial gain of the church employees themselves? After all, these are just human beings and should thus never be trusted the way faithful people trust in God. One should rather keep in mind that each pastor, like any other church employee, bears a personal responsibility of representing the word of God, as written in the Bible, and should thus be both a representative of God and of Jesus Christ. Those pastors or church employees acting in a manner different from the criteria Jesus Christ defined in the Gospels are thus bearing witness of their false claim of being Christians. It is, therefore, completely foolish to display personal emotions or exchange personal information while in church or while attending church related events. Be especially careful if others use the word 'Christian'. Usually this means they would like to appear like the son of God, or like one of the prophets of the Old Testament, without acting the way he himself recommended us to follow!

Q: Why do you believe pastors and some other church employees are taking notes of what they are being told?
A: This is common practice as I learned because some of my relations were church employees too. In addition to this I interviewed a multitude of pastors and other church related personnel during the last 5 decades, some of which became friends of mine, and learned nothing else but what I said in answering your last question.

Q: Is there any word of wisdom that you may share, not necessarily taken from the Bible itself but related both to it and to your life experience?
A: Yes, the following words comprise the essence of a meaningful human existence:
       The beauty of women, or the lack thereof, is no justification of sin!
This means that it is best not to leave a woman, be it your girlfriend or wife, for another except for some rather drastic circumstances like her being unfaithful. Beauty is a state that may come and go on short notice. I am old enough to having seen beautiful women becoming ugly as they age; and some not so pretty women becoming more beautiful the older they got; and some staying pretty; and some staying ugly. If you have a girlfried or wife, stay with her. If you have none, do not go for beauty but for fidelity and stay true yourself. That's the only albeit subjective recommendation I can give.

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