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The development office is concentrating on the design, development and analysis of customized software for embedded systems and the Windows® and Linux operating systems that is being developed to meet customer specifications.

This includes the following software development and corresponding science consulting services:

     »  Software development,
     »  Numerical simulation,
     »  Embedded systems / real-time applications,
     »  Project management,
     »  System software architecture and design studies
     »  Software analysis, including code reviews, and
     »  Software documentation and translation services

In the realm of engineering applications, we are especially interested in

     »  modeling, simulating, and analyzing industrial systems, which includes the
     »  analyses and modeling of aviation and space engineering related systems with a focus on civilian business aviation applications.

We are pleased to welcome you or your company as a prospective customer irrespective of your company's size. Whether you are a large company from industry, a medium sized firm from the crafts or trading sector, or whether you are the proud owner of a small business — the office will serve you all.

With a focus on Applied Physics and Engineering related object-oriented programming for Windows® and Linux, embedded system applications in industry, and corresponding web engineering applications, all work done is being performed or supervised by ourselves in order to ensure the high standard of quality that you can expect for your money.

Therefore, all engineering, commercial and scientific projects' phases are being realized in close communication with the customer, including project definition and initialization, planning, design and development (software architecture and requirements engineering; coding), and integration, supervision of milestones, etc.

Interested parties from outside Western Europe or North America should take note of the following information before contacting the office: Notes on Geography.

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